The Music Sale Guide

There have been heaps of music sales recently and it looks there are more to come, since the silly season is round the corner. There are really only 2 music stores in the whole of Sydney worth mentioning, Guitar Factory at Gladesville and Music City Sydney at Petersham. Every other shop has treated me as though I am just another musician with absolutely no dough, sometimes just completely ignored. So as a result I only spend at Music City Sydney, they have a huge range of instruments and that’s cheaper Billy Hyde. Do yourself a favour and head down there, because I guarantee you will not find the same sort of service anywhere else.

Music City Sydney are having their annual sale this Saturday (9 Dec) and there are guaranteed bargains. Get there early though, the queue to enter is always long, 3-4 blocks long.

Download: Music City Catalogue.pdf

My favourite record label, Sub-pop are having a sale at JB Hi-fi for a limited time only. Artists include Wolf Parade, Iron and Wine, Comets on Fire, Sleater-kinney and many more. So if you like these artists, go and buy their album because its cheap. Not cheap as in $10 cheap more like $19, but for great albums go out and buy one.

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  1. Elaine said:

    If I had money, I’d def go check out that sale. Argh.

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