'06 Music Review (the Really Extended Version)

Here are more lists to end my year of music:

Five acts I should’ve seen but didn’t:
5. Dinosaur Jr @ the Metro
4. Pretty Girls Make Graves & the Gossip @ the Gaelic
3. Les Savy Fav @ the Gaelic
2. Antony & the Johnsons @ the State Theatre
1. Ben Folds with the Sydney Symphony @ the Concert Hall, Opera House.

Reasons for not going to the above gigs:
5. There was another gig on the same night, which I already had tickets to.
4. I didn’t know enough about them or their work.
3. By the time I had money to buy a ticket, it was sold out.
2. An assignment was due in the next morning and I really couldn’t waste any more time.
1. No money.

Five acts I did see and was just happy to see:
5. Pony Up! @ the Annandale
4. Holly Throsby @ the Basement
3. Erase Errata @ Spectrum
2. Mates of State @ the Annandale
1. The Grates @ the Metro

Five musical experiences that made my year:
5. Meeting Patience and Conan (from The Grates) at the Sleater-Kinney gig.
Right timing I guess.
4. Finally playing a Rodrigo Y Gabriela song properly.
At the right tempo and all, but without the solo because that’s just crazy.
3. Meeting the folks from The Gossip.
The punctual person that I am, a friend and I entered the gates for St. Jeromes quite early. We head to the basement, then by coincidence we strike up a conversation with Ms. Ditto and Co. Lovely folks indeed.
2. Getting a new guitar.
And hopefully a new amp to go with it in 2007.
1. Getting my 4G iPod fixed.
It’s a chunky beast compared to the new ones out now.

Five acts, I did see and was thrilled about, which didn’t disappoint:
5. Tegan & Sara @ the Gaelic
This was their very last show on their So Jealous tour. So after 2 years of touring they decide Sydney was their last stop. Their infectious pop melodies and their on-stage banter was no surprise. What was a surprise, was their rendition of Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” and a musical jamboree with their support acts. I thought that they were just a 4-chord band but I have been proven wrong and they are more than that. Look out for a release sometime next year and possibly a visit. It was a 30 degree day and the little Canadians were sweltering in the Aussie heat, they kept asking if the air-conditioner was on and it was.

4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs @ the Enmore
The way that Karen left our shores on their last visit suggested that they were really not a band to miss. They didn’t let me down in any way, Karen and her on-stage antics is really quite a sight. Although the night was ruined by the bouncer, pulling me outside to cloak my camera and consequently missing their set for a while.

3. Sleater-Kinney @ the Gaelic
It’s been a while for me to reminisce on S-K, since this was at the beginning of the year. I really don’t think my memory goes back that far. Being veterans on the rock scene now, their crunchy riffs and squeals (I don’t think I should’ve called it that) really showed me that these girls can really rock. Their album, The Woods is a great listen but whoa, seeing them live was a greater experience. I feel privileged to have seen them since they called it quits later this year. I will miss these lasses.

2. Rodrigo y Gabriela @ @newtown
These two, amazing guitarists have influenced my view on guitars and guitarists. Sitting on-stage with their classical guitars, I was instantly captured by the musical dialogue shared between Rodrigo and Gabriela. You don’t need a distortion pedal to be a f**kin rock god/goddess. Compared to this, “Classical Gas” looks like a joke. I felt inspired and blown away by their set.

1. Broken Social Scene @ the Metro
I really wasn’t expecting much of BSS. Having only heard three songs of theirs and a little “research”, I only went because I have a soft spot for bands bigger than 6 members. It was asking too much to see Feist and Emily Haines (from Metric) on that night but that didn’t deter from a sublime, 2/3-hour set. I have never seen so many guitars on-stage simultaneously. Thank you Canada for making such great musicians!

2007 looks promising for live acts. There have been sideshows announced every week from artists playing 2007 festivals. I’ve been waiting for the Rapture to announce sideshows, hopefully in the first week of January. Despite those heading our way already, I’m hoping that Beirut, Grizzly Bear, Wolf Parade, Camille and Mika Miko visit some time next year. Wayne has posted album releases for next year and sounds like another great year of music.

  1. Y said:

    It’s good to see someone making lists that are not just about their favourite albums/songs. I too have a handful of gig that I miss every year. Always the good ones too…

  2. Stove said:

    To make you feel better Dinosaur JR @ The Metro was the most disappointing gig I attended all year.

    I also thought it could have been louder.

  3. RO said:

    Thanks Stove, that makes me feel just a tad bit better.

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