Expatriate Review

Walking into a near-empty Annandale I felt empathy for the two support acts who were warming up the stage (and the curious, few punters). It was apparent that the majority of the punters were here only to see Expatriate. Pity that because the two supports were surprisingly entertaining and were greeted warmly by the small few.

The Hate Game @ the Annandale

The first act was The Hate Game (or formerly known as The Vendettas) and immediately comparisons to Pretty Girls Make Graves were evident in both sound and performance. They are definitely an exciting band to watch.

Kiosk @ the Annandale

Following The Hate Game was a short set from Sydney trio, Kiosk. Having seen these rockers before, they have developed their performance into an energy-filled set, disguising any ineptitude for technical ability.

Expatriate @ the Annandale

However the night certainly belonged to Sydney lads, Expatriate. As the crowd grew, so did the anticipation. Their set was composed of (I think) all songs from both EPs and hence no encore to cap off their set. With limited material they sounded charged and raring for their series of upcoming shows. Songs from their first EP, Lovers le Strange were popular with the crowd who also received newer tracks with excitement and elation. The fedora-capped Ben King provided on (and off)-stage antics that entertained the crowd til the very last song. The first time I heard Lovers le Strange I couldn’t wait for their debut album. Now that they’ve released another EP, Play a Part, I’m even more excited for their debut release.

Expatriate @ the Annandale

The rest of the photos are here.

Howdy to a bunch of cool kids I met last night – Geoff, Karina, Deo and two of Bryce’s friends whose names escape me at the moment.

It annoys me when punters don’t watch support bands, no matter how uneducated they might be about them.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the Annandale Hotel is ALWAYS excessively loud.

  1. Karen said:

    I’m always a little more deaf when I leave the Annandale. And I’m with you RE: support acts – I always try and make it to catch their set. Besides, I’ve picked up some great new music by catching supports.

    Awesome photos too 🙂

  2. geoff said:

    Hey Ro! It was good to meet you, albeit for a very brief moment. I could not get there in time for the Hate Game, but I’m sure I’ll get a chance to see them soon. Kiosk, I had never been much of a fan, but I reckon they’ve improved leaps and bounds since I last saw them (opening for AiH). Expats were great as usual. and love the pics!

  3. Sean said:

    earplugs! it’s the only way to go!

  4. Elaine said:

    Ooh, your photos turned out quite nicely actually. I really enjoyed watching Expats, they sound wonderful live and on record too! Hate Game were okay, but I don’t think Kiosk were my cup of tea.

  5. RO said:

    Thanks guys for all your nice comments.

    Even with earplugs on, its still incredibly loud. Maybe i shouldn’t stand so close to the speakers.

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