Monday’s Pop Tart: Field Music

I figured my Monday segment titles were getting incredibly long, so I’ve decided to call it Monday’s Pop Tart instead. I miss those sugar-filled, artificial toasted sandwiches that only fuels you for a few hours, or until your needing another sugar fix. Like those pop tarts, I’ll try and provided you a hit of the musical kind wrapped in shiny, foil-imitating plastic for freshness! I hope this regular music fix will help you get through the week.

From previous pop Mondays, the geographical tally of the bands I’ve featured so far are:
US = 2
SWE = 1
So as you can see, this segment is still very much sprout. Well I thought I’d add another region with this entry.

Tones of Town CD Cover

Enter, Field Music from Sunderland, England, a trio formed by ex-members of The Futureheads and Maximo Park. Their recent release, Tones of Town, is corker of a pop album – its The Beach Boys, minus a member and the bikini-clad girls sitting around the fire. There is however an underlying fire, or core, within this album that makes it such a strong release. Lush melodies, smart and light riffs together with gorgeous harmonies makes this the pop album of year (so far). Seriously just have a listen. It’s light, joyous and a wonderful listen for Monday morning when your trying to bring some sunshine to gloomy, public-transport users.


From Tones of Town:
[MP3] Field Music – Working To Work
[MP3] Field Music – Kingston

Tones of Town is released locally on the 17th March, on Shock Records.

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