Monday’s Pop Tart: The Radio Dept.

The Radio Dept.

Photo: Said Karlsson

Sweden’s, The Radio Dept., are the type of folks you hope do not end up on some nonsense album like the Ministry of Sound’s, Chillout Sessions. These Swedes, if they weren’t musicians, would be the arty-farty types – the cool sorts that shouldn’t be part of trash like Ministry of Sound. The Radio Dept. have released 3 EPs and 2 full-length albums, with the most recent release called, Pet Grief. What they have produced is sensuous, ambient, and luscious music to the point that it seduces you in every way. Its the kind of pop that’s dark, yet beautiful despite lyrics about separation, lost, and the disparity of relationships. Pet Grief has this ethereal sensation passing through the entire album, seamlessly transitioning in between songs. Their music is a perfect, and satisfying, wind-down.


From Pet Grief:
[MP3] The Radio Dept. – What Will Give?

Pet Grief is out now on Popfrenzy Records.

1 comment
  1. Sean said:

    I only got into these guys thanks to Sofia Coppola. Love em!

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