Something Strange to End Your Week

Flock Lights

Photo: Julia Lohmann

I had this quirky idea of using cow stomach in my design model recently. Why? Well, its this whole notion of a non-disposable environment – leaving nothing to waste, being sustainable and using what already exists. I have read recently that animal wastes (including internal organs and such) were being used as a means of electricity. I also found out (while I was researching cow stomachs) that there are also some young and kooky designers employing stomachs into their own work and god bless their sustainable-designer souls for doing so and sharing similar visions.

My design with stomach

Its really gross to work with but it has this great pattern on it. Also, I’m wondering why those people is the first photo aren’t looking up. What could possibly be more intriguing on a wall than stomach on the ceiling?!

  1. Angus said:

    they look really great,

    how long did it take you?

  2. RO said:

    the first one isn’t mine – wish it was though.

    mine took a solid 2 hrs of smelling soldering fumes together with partly dried cow stomach, along with trying to figure out how to make paper cubes.

  3. Elaine said:

    One thing I can say — Grossly interesting hahaha. Good job.

  4. Karen said:

    That cow stomach lining is kinda pretty.

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