A Night In Annandale Pt. 2

So after a few solid tracks, I left the Empire Hotel and made my way to the good ol’ Annandale Hotel to see Deloris and The Devoted Few. Original headliners, Bluebottle Kiss, had to pull out of both Thursday’s and last night’s shows, so in return The Camels and The Devoted Few stepped in.

Deloris @ the Annandale

I’ve been meaning to see Deloris for a while now – they were very much on my “to see by the end of the year” list and I’m glad I caught their entire set. It was a mellow set with moments of folk-pop driven by deep guitar riffs.

Deloris @ the Annandale

Deloris @ the Annandale

Sydney’s, The Devoted Few, always seem to make the most of every moment. Seeing them second time round, the set was definitely appearing tighter. These guys are making some great (often underrated), solid tracks, backing it up with an energetic and an enjoyable performance.

The Devoted Few @ the Annandale

The Devoted Few @ the Annandale

The Devoted Few @ the Annandale

Having just recently finishing a new album (due for release in later this year), last night was a preview of this upcoming LP.

Here are more photos.

It was rather a quiet night for me, kind of glad I’m heading off to uni next week to possibly focus a bit more. I felt like I’ve just lost it this past week.

Little text = very tired, worn out Ro.

  1. lucky said:

    the devoted few are dammned good.. i can see the link between them and BBK, but how come the camels got asked? they’re hardly a comparison in style or skill.

    love the 2nd and the last pic!

  2. RO said:

    I actually dunno. I can only assume that they got asked coz they’re a local band.

    thanks Lucky!

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