The Essential [Festival] Part II

Or notes on the floor: observations of festival punters.

The many people I met yesterday, I kinda forgot few of their names so I’m not gonna bother listing the ones I do know in this post.

Also if your sexy mug is on this post and would like it taken down (why would you though?), email me or something.

  1. lucky said:

    thanks for pretty much putting the most unflattering picture of me in the world up. 🙂

  2. Cass said:

    I don’t see YOUR mug anywhere

  3. RO said:

    lucky – the other one was way blurry.

    cass dear – hahahah as much as i would love to put myself there, someone has to behind the lens rite? im hoping ash will send me the one of u and i.

    now do u see what i mean by u looking like sam from teenagers? i say trade places for a day.

  4. Cass said:

    I should’ve had a photo taken with her while I had the chance! AND you’re just making excuses, you wouldn’t let me touch your camera anyway.

  5. Wengistein said:

    Oh look, Will. Will again! And my friend Bryce, lolol.


  6. Elaine said:

    Mug mug mug. Snaps, I should have been there =(
    Looks AWESOME though.

  7. RO said:

    Cass – Wasn’t I the one that suggested u take a photo with her? I was gonna shoot it anyway.

    Grace – Don’t u mean everyone’s friend, Bryce?

    Elaine – this is what u get for giving me financial excuses, good times without you!

  8. Will said:

    Damn, I’m all over your photos like a rash. If two photos could be termed a “rash”. That was a fun afternoon – good to see you there. I skipped off to have dinner at a friend’s house and missed everything between 6 and 9pm, but we all made it back in time for Dappled…

  9. RO said:

    Maria – hahaha. If only i knew that was you just around the corner.

    Chase – thanks!

    Will – your only in 2, so its not quite like a rash. Yeah i don’t think u missed much … except for young + restless, who were insane.

  10. Roshan said:

    Cool photos Ro! I am smiling such a giddy i’m-drooling-over-dappled-dave smile….lol

  11. RO said:

    lol. i think the girl behind us screaming “i love you alex” over and over again was drooling too. didn’t seem to shoot that tho.

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