Win Double Passes to the Official AIH After-party

I have 4 (quatre, cuatro, shi, vier, quatro, etc.), not one, but four free double passes to give out to this saturday’s Bad Kids Rec Club (BKRC). This saturday’s BKRC is the official Architecture in Helsinki after-party, which would be the perfect place to meet and greet them, &/or Muscles in a relaxed, non-stalker kind of environment.

So here are the requirements to enter:

  • Must be 18+
  • Must eat ice cream
  • Likes fun times
  • Must have a friend

Here’s what you have to do to win:
Leave a comment anywhere on this site between now and 11am, Friday morning. Somewhere in your comment, don’t forget to add your favorite ice cream flavour. That’s it! Winners will be picked at random and will be notified via email at midday Friday.

12/05 BKRC Flyer

You scream. I scream. We all scream for ice cream!

Also, you don’t need tickets to the metro show to enter this competition. Anyone can enter and anyone can win, so good luck!

  1. Horhay said:

    fuck yehhhhhhhhh! this stuff makes my mouth run dry

  2. nikki said:

    if only i wasn’t in another state and allergic to icecream ( I do eat it occasionally and would say that Baskin’s Choc Chip Cookie Dough is worth the lactose-induced pain). I will hopefully be enjoying the show in Brisvegas though.

  3. geoff said:

    hmmm the boysenberry choc top at chauvel cinema in paddo is always a winner!

  4. heather said:

    i’d love to win one of the passes! (oops sorry about the double posting)

  5. simon said:

    AIH after party peppermint choc chip flavour for sure. S 🙂

  6. Cass said:

    Oh god the only friend who would come with me to AiH is interstate so now I need to find someone on the off chance I go after. Ugh.

    Ugh, this is the worst question to ask me though, evs, because I eat way too much ice cream to have a single favourite. Cookies and cream is a good choice if you want a classic childhood flavour, but if you’re at one of those gorgeous Italian gelatisseries there’s no way you can make up your mind within ten minutes – usually I settle for hazelnut or tiramisu, but I recently found guava is also a new exciting flavour. BUT THEN. If you’re at home and angry or moping because you have no social life, Conoisseur have the best range of gourmet ice creams EVER. Cafe grande with scorched almonds is always a favourite there, but then again so is the double choc-cherry swirl. BASICALLY I REALLY LIKE ICE CREAM. And it shows in all the songs I’ve listened to lately, haha.

  7. Elaine said:

    Oh, me me me! Cookies and cream ice cream for the win!

  8. Connie said:

    I like coffee flavour. Yummy.

  9. cate said:

    ah.. i like ice cream. rainbow flavour.

  10. jason said:

    cookies and cream from cold rock with extra crushed oreos thrown in. cant go wrong

  11. Lany said:

    boysenberry swirl is pretty rad! maybe I’ll stop off at Gelatissimo just down the road before I head to The Metro!!

  12. Wesley said:

    ferrero rocher ice cream is the shit. it has ferrero rocher chocolates in it…yummerz

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