Guitar Boffins [Soon] to Invade UNSW

My uni is finally hosting an event worthy of attending. The Sydney Guitar Show is back for a second year and will be held over the first weekend in June (2-3) at UNSW. Not the whole of the UNSW campus, might I add. To be more specific, its at the Matthews Pavilion and Theaters. It’s not only about the guitars. Who am I kidding? Its all about the guitars! So other than selling gear, there are some live performances and a mini exhibition of some custom/artist guitars. Most of which are things we can only dream (and drool) about.

Guitar boffins, like myself, will be there roaming the grounds, testing new gear and hopefully making some purchases too (fingers crossed). I’m in the market for a new amp (preferably a fender twin), so if anyone has suggestions fire away. Last year, some ass bought the guitar I wanted. Not backing down this year, I’m going prepared.

I thought I’d leave you with this. A Jimmy Page Signature Les Paul will set you back between AUS$14 000 and $55 000 depending on the age. I recently received an email saying how vintage/collectable guitars have gone up 438% since 1991, with last year going up another 54% in prices. So you can stick your stocks, shares, commodities (what you may choose to call them) up your rear end, because the profit is here. Here’s one to get you started: A ’62 Fender Slab Strat in fiesta red would’ve cost you US$10,650 in 1991. Today, they’re worth around US$41,500 and ridiculous to actually find.

  1. Oz said:

    Hmm…I might head along if I’ve got nothing else to do.

  2. lucky said:

    i didn’t pick you as a guitar geek, i’m one of those too. 🙂

    fender twins are nice, i think that’ll be my next amp, or a vox ac30. if you’re after a class A, 30W bargain, check out the peavey classic 30. i play through one of those at the moment and they’re quite nice (and DAMN LOUD!)

  3. RO said:

    yeah i have a 30W at the moment, but its a solid state amp – its loud but really not that great. I tried out the Fender Twin which was extremely loud and still sounded clean (no crackling) at 1 or 2. but thanks lucky, i mite go road test those ones out.

  4. lucky said:

    yeah 30W of class A is much louder than 30W of solid state. 🙂
    the classic 30 is probably as loud as a 100W solid state.

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