Blonde Attack

Blonde Redhead

Photo: Sebastian Mlynarski

Blonde Redhead will be touring here in support of their amazing release 23. They sound is as if The Radio Dept. had a subdued version of Satomi [from Deerhoof] as their vocalist – Blonde Redhead create ambient and luscious music, so sweet and seamless. They were scheduled to play here in 2004 but due to unforeseen reasons canceled that east-coast tour. Be sure to check them out on their first visit here.

[MP3] Blonde Redhead – Silently

Blonde Redhead

The Blonde Redhead tour is brought to you by the good folks at Popfrenzy. These are the only two chances, so you better catch them while you can.

Meanwhile the other blondes, The Long Blondes have also announced that they’ll be touring during August. But unlike Blonde Redhead, they’ve got a few more shows lined up for the rest of our nation.

3 Aug The Zoo, Brisbane
4 Aug Metro Hotel, Sydney#
5 Aug the HiFi, Melbourne
7 Aug Capitol, Perth
8 Aug Fowlers, Adelaide

#Tickets on sale on the 11 May

  1. lucky said:

    aw man, this sucks. i’ll be overseas when they play. 😦

    i’m loving their new album.

  2. geoff said:

    ahhh best news all day! 23 is pretty much my album of the year so far..

  3. RO said:

    2007 is turning out to be a great yr for albums, although it still doesn’t come close to Menomena’s latest. That said, 23 is still a very good listen.

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