The Architecture of Racing Hearts

With punters queued outside the Metro theatre to stake out prime position, I had to gather some sort of maturity and sanity before heading into the (assumed under-18 majority filled) Metro. By doing so, I entered three-quarters too late through the Soft Tigers’ set, during “MARIA” to be exact. Their infused electro-pop style seems driven by an 80s sound and conceptual (yet present) and common sounds that fill daily life. Ending their set with “Mr. Ice Cream”, it was of no surprise that the kiddies had camped (and cramped) out centre stage and were enjoying the Soft Tigers, who in my opinion are a very promising act.

Muscles @ the Metro

Muscles @ the Metro

With the instruments cleared in exchange for the one, the lighting dimmed and anticipation grew all for one man – Muscles. As the Ksubi-clad scenesters (more like disrespectful dipshits) pushed and shoved their way through, Muscles entered hyped and raring to get the party going. It wasn’t long til he did either. Filled with whoo’s and ahh’s his set was fun at its most, I was excited but something made it odd. That said, it was a very enjoyable set.

Architecture in Helsinki @ the Metro

Architecture in Helsinki @ the Metro

We all know the diversity Architecture in Helsinki bring to Australia’s musical landscape, of which is richer because of it. They are the group everyone wishes to know inside-and-out, yet can’t only because they are that unpredictable. With each being as talented as the other, its surprising that their music is not such of a demanding listen and neither is it a strain on the eyes. Each member on stage is energetic, giving 110% into everything – it’s as though the joy they share performing hasn’t ceased between Sydney shows. With majority of the tracks off In Case We Die, I assumed many were here to hear for one song, “Heart It Races” which perfectly closed the show. Newer tracks were previewed and older tracks were adapted. It seems like their popular tracks always close the show. In 2005, they ended their set with a 10-minute, percussion-driven version of “Do the Whirlwind” with every member of every support act playing along with them. Tonight, there was no standout track but it was all so seamless. That was until … there were stage-crashers that, as well as crashing the party also crashed a few instruments. Although it wasn’t quite the welcome-back party I had in mind, it was still a good one and I’m glad you’re all back home!

Architecture in Helsinki @ the Metro

Architecture in Helsinki @ the Metro

More photos here.

To the 0.005% of the under-18 crowd (Grace, Steph, and probably a few more) who controlled their excitement and had a pretty awesome time too, it’s nice to see there’s hope. I’d want more minors at all-ages gigs just like you guys!

To the Metro security guards, where you even attempting to do your job last night, in both stage and alcohol control?

Also hi to Diana and Matt.

  1. Alice said:

    Wow I totally hear you regarding the under 18 antics..

    I had a great time and thought AIH were brilliant, my first time seeing them live.

    I think muscles is awesome, I love his music so much, but agree the set was a little bit weird with all the pushing and shoving… plus they had no small t-shirts left when i got there which made me sad!

  2. ally said:

    haha it’s the iced confectionary of the moment. although soft tigers ice cream song > muscles. by a long shot.

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