I'm Back … Just Briefly

I thought I wouldn’t be back for a month or so but hey. You may or may not have heard about UK poppers, The Clientele. If you like their music you’d be happy to know that they’ll be touring in July. So far I only have the Sydney date which is on the 27th of July at Spectrum. When the other dates have been finalised I’ll post them up. I’d say they’re style has a 60s psychedelia/power-pop sensibility, at times referencing The Beatles. Their new album, God Save The Clientele is out on June 11, via Popfrenzy.

More good news. I got accepted for a design studio to happen late-June, early-July. Urban Islands is a design studio for selected UTS, UNSW, and Sydney Uni architecture students held on Cockatoo Island. Chances are you’d be hearing more about this closer to the date.

Also, Lions At Your Door (ex-Pinky Tuscadero) will be hitting Bar Broadway this Saturday night and from what my friends tell me, they are a great and promising live act. If you want tickets to it, just comment below and “seamlessly” add somewhere in your comment the word ‘lion’.

Back to the drawing board for me.

1 comment
  1. geoff said:

    my goodness, that’s the best news ever! Strange Geometry is one of my all time favourite albums and the new one is sounding very good too.. go popfrenzy!

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