Two Too Many

Tegan and Sara @ the Gaelic

Canadian twins, Tegan and Sara, are back after a year and a bit in hibernation and separation from one another. They’ve been busy recording their new LP, The Con and once again will hit the road for an indefinite number of shows.

Tegan and Sara @ the Gaelic

As the follow up to their sophomore album, So Jealous, the girls haven’t lost their pop sensibilities in The Con. Still with catchy little riffs, melodies and vocal harmonies with emotional intensity and nostalgia, The Con is really the sequel to So Jealous, whereby the themes have been tweaked. What your hearing is a matured sound with more reflective moments, shades of light and pain. Just another cute album? Most likely so, but hey, I’m a sucker for all things cute. The tracklist is as follow:

    1. I Was Married
    2. Relief Next To Me
    3. The Con
    4. Knife Going In
    5. Are You Ten Years Ago
    6. Back In Your Head
    7. Hop A Plane
    8. Soil, Soil
    9. Burn Your Life Down
    10. Nineteen
    11. Floorplan
    12. Like O, Like H
    13. Dark Come Soon
    14. Call It Off

One lyric has stuck out for me. “I want to draw you a floor plan of my head, heart”. Only an architect would pick out that line.

The Con is out on July 24 on Shock Records. I’ll post an mp3 closer to the release date. They’ll be here by the end of the year and chances are everyone (man, woman, man-woman, whatever) will leave in love. I’m just hoping my photo pass won’t get screwed like the last time. I was 19 when I saw them, it feels like forever though.

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  1. Wengistein said:

    Woo! I missed out the last time they were in Australia. I’ll certainly be seeing them.


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