Eddy in a Warehouse

You should have heard of Eddy Current Suppression Ring by now. The Melbourne lads played an edgy set in a warehouse in Marrickville not too long ago, a gig that was close to being unnoticed by me until that morning (thank you whoever showed me the flyer because now I’ve found what I think is lacking in Sydney’s music scene).

Eddy Current Suppression Ring

A run-down warehouse space with an impromptu stage, microwave popcorn, cases of coopers, a whole stack of chinese novels and old underground zines, was slowly invaded with punk types, real music buffs, art types and the odd tag-a-long girlfriend who looked ever so awkward.

I missed Sydney act, Warhorse but according to Adam that really was no lost. The first act on the bill were The Death Death, which felt like if indie was ever to go hardcore they would be it. Mind you their two-man set-up was enough to make such a racquet – a decent one at that. They’re nice lads too, the drummer is also another photographer (they seem to be popping up every where these days).

Following their set, were fellow Sydney lads, Guns are for Kids. The integration of light into their set was theatrical to say the least and for some reason, I don’t remember them as being this arty about their music. It was most likely growth but then again its been a year since I last saw them.

Eddy Current Suppression Ring

Eddy Current Suppression Ring

By no means are Eddy Current Suppression Ring accidentally the best band in Melbourne. It was oz garage rock at its best complete with small death circles and a pretty rawkous mosh, it was good to finally feel music once more – I came home with bruises to prove it too. What’s great about this band is that once the ball is hit, its hit out of the park. Vocalist and glove model, Brendon, almost intimidates you constantly jagging his way in and out of the crowd but he does so to find his comfort zone and to make you feel part of the band. They were FBi’s favourites and now I see why.

So I might’ve submerged a little into a scene less known by most and frankly I’ll be going back for more so expect a few more gig reviews of the kind on here from now on.

Photos are here.

The guys that run the space are really cool people. They make you feel at home even offering to boost you up on top of the fridge so you can get a better picture when it gets rougher than usual.

Did I mention how much I like warehouses? I think its more the re-use of industrial space in combination with music that really gets me worked up.

Did I also mention that the gig was more or less illegal? I feel so hard-ass for going now.

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