I Thought About Being a Curator

Being a curator (like every other job) would have its ups and downs but today I’ve seen and experienced 3/4 of the extent of it. Today has been long but thankfully rewarding. I spent the day setting up our little photo exhibition opening (which went smoothly if you wanted to know). Despite turning up late and missing out on ALL the food (thanks to a pretty good turn out), I managed to score myself an award which was totally unexpected if you ask me. You know those situations where they’re handing out awards and in the back of your head your thinking, “Yeah, that definitely wont be me up there”? And sure enough I was. My photography lecturer/tutorer is nothing short of inspirational and I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up taking a photography degree after this 6 year degree.

I don’t know if any of you saw the World Press Photo exhibition recently but my work seemed rather empty compared to the issues in that. Sure its photojournalism and its completely a different field, but if I had the least bit of courage each and every one of those photographers had, I’d be content with myself. My memory fails me at this hour but I can recall someone asking one of those photojournalists how they don’t get emotionally involved? As in, how do you detach yourself from the context of war, pain, death, etc.? The answer was simple … that photographer cries in the darkroom.

Sorry if that was all a bit too much, although I think that’s just skimming the surface of a million thoughts running through my mind at the moment. Maybe I’ll continue it tomorrow.

Also, does anyone know how to convert tape/cassette to mp3?

  1. Damn! I hate it when everyone goes crazy with free food and get it all. Once, I was at this induction and everyone drank all the orange juice!

  2. RO said:

    hahaha, yeah there was heaps of drinks there, it just didn’t cater for the drivers, eg. me.

  3. simon said:

    definately saw it. some great images.
    s 🙂

  4. lucky said:

    i’ve seen the winners of the world press photo for the last 40 odd years and a majority of them deal with suffering and pain. why are these pictures considered great? well i think it’s because they capture the most extreme human emotions, something which can be challenging to capture appropriately. i really have no idea how the photographers deal with it.

    oh yeah, tape -> mp3 is a mini-challenge. you gotta get a cable to plug your tape player into your computer soundcard, make sure you have some recording software, play the tape and click record on the computer and after that, you’ll have to save it as mp3. there are some software packages which are designed to help record old vinyl discs into mp3s so you should be able to use them to simplify it a little.

  5. RO said:

    thanks lucky, that might actually solve it!

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