The Rain Cleared Too

The weather was being a crack-whore last weekend but that didn’t stop me from having a pretty awesome (and full) weekend. Firstly, the photos from Saturday night’s gig will have to come later because Sunday’s gig is still quite fresh in my mind, despite a fair consumption of alcohol.

This post is entirely dedicated to Sunday’s garden-turn-living-room party featuring Birth Glow, Matt (from No Through Road) and Sydney City Council. The light showers and grey sky didn’t deter the average crowd who brought their assortment of vegan-friendly cakes and home-made brew. With the living room decked out with tarpaulin and cardboard, the one amp and with the kitchen temporarily housing the 2 (or 3) piece drum-kit, we sat around like we would a bonfire, intrigued and captivated by the thought of discovering a bunch of new music we might have heard of before. Sure enough by the end of Birth Glow’s first song, I was finally convinced that the draughtiness of the room wasn’t because of the first two acts.

If by having Holly Throsby as a member in your audience must mean something then obviously I might take it a tad bit more serious. With Sydney City Council I’m not quite sure what to make to of it because I just didn’t catch on. Maybe it requires a longer listen for me to fully understand why Holly was there just for you guys. Then again, you could all be just friends. I wouldn’t mind another listen though, but preferably when the sun is out.

Matt (of No Through Road)

As part of No Through Road, Matt, decided to go at it solo with nothing but his melancholic voice and a classical guitar. His tunes were whimsical, light and serious … in a Bill Callahan kinda way. Maybe all sets were intended to be short but Matt’s set seemed short and shy, with him running off after (I think) 6 songs of folk-pop.

Birth Glow

Pop indeed was the genre of the afternoon, with Birth Glow so twee its enough to make you gush just slightly. The way an odd group of musicians can make such nice harmonies blend and craft them into beautiful pop songs seemed appropriate for a Sunday of beer and cupcakes. Steph one-handedly provides all the instrumental rhythms with ease, appearing to enjoy every moment of it, even counting her own self in. They are a definite joy to watch and probably one of the best things from Adelaide other than the wine.

The Rain Cleared Too

I must also thank our hostess’ for the afternoon, who graciously opened their home to us. Maybe a fire for next year?

The rest of the few photos are here.

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  1. James said:

    Yeah weather has been a crack-whore here in Melbourne too. I kept telling her to lay off it but she continues to punish herself.

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