Breathe Light to the Street From Your Mouth

Mid-year and already I’m regretting not going to a few shows but this lady’s latest album has me so frustrated that I didn’t attend her show earlier this year. Arrgghh. Laura Veirs, you break my heart.

Laura Veirs

Photo: Autumn De Wilde

by Veirs could be a little bit more than what her indie-folk contemporaries are producing, but taking the record for what it is … it’s beautiful. From the opener track, “Pink Light”, it’s all sunshine and fields of grassy meadows and dandelions. Don’t worry though; Saltbreakers delves into the melancholy with tracks like “Ocean Night Song”. Sometimes I fear the single, repetitious melodies that compose most of her tracks. At times they’re worked and resolved melodies and at others, substance is lacking. That said, there are some luscious harmonies invested between Veirs’ vocals and the dialogue of her backing band, especially in “Cast a Hook” (which I think has been re-released). Veirs has a tender heart, churning out tunes to warm yours.

So don’t lose yourself because with Saltbreakers, you might just do so.

From Saltbreakers:
[MP3] Laura Veirs – Pink Light
[MP3] Laura Veirs – Don’t Lose Youself

Saltbreakers is out on Nonesuch Records.


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