A Macro Tour

What does lady A, Joanna Newsom have in relation to lady B, Macromantics?

Newsom listens to our own Macromantics – who’d the thunk it?! ” … My sister and I drove around doing errands yesterday and hollering along to, like, every third word on this album. That’s all we could manage ‘cos Romy, the singer, goes so fast”, says Newsom.* Macromantics delivers her lyrics with precision and speed that it really needs to be seen. She’s been an influential figure in the international hip-hop scene, having just toured the US. She’s got a bunch of dates here starting next Thursday and I recommend you all go out and watch her. She’ll get you bouncing and hollering along fo’ sure.

28 June National Hotel, Geelong w/ Class A and Dragonfly
29 June Soden’s Australia Hotel, Albury
30 June Annandale Hotel, Sydney w/ Catcall, Killer Queenz, Sleater Brockman
5 July Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle West w/ Lefta Centa
6 July Swan Hotel Basement Bar, North Fremantle
7 July Bakery Artrage Complex, Northbridge
11 July Ruby’s Lounge, Belgrave w/ CC Martini
12 July Karova Lounge, Ballarat w/ Class A, Catcall
13 July Revolver Upstairs, Prahran w/ Catcall, Miami Horror, Sleater Brockman
14 July Rocket Bar, Adelaide w/ Catcall, Birth Glow +
20 July The Zoo, Fortitude Valley w/ Tjupurru, Dragonfly, Affiks
21 July Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay w/ The Winnie Coopers^
26 July Uni Bar, Wollongong University w/ Free Agent Crew
27 July Transit Bar, Canberra City w/ D’Opus, Roshambo^
28 July Peninsula Lounge, Moorooduc w/ Ecliptic, Uncivil Methods

*In a Pitchfork feature.
+Wish I was there.
^FREE gig!

Tickets for the other gigs will be $10-15.

From Moments in Movement:
[MP3] Macromantics – Apple Crumble

1 comment
  1. James said:

    Can’t say I’m a fan of Macromantics but then again, I’m not a big hip-hop fan in general. That said, the Hilltop Hoods restrung album isn’t half bad.

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