To the East with Electrelane

No Shouts No Calls is the newest release from British quartet, Electrelane and it opens with the words, “You say you don’t know what love is anymore, since I found you.” By the end of this album, I don’t think you would feel so empty.


Photo: Louis Decamps

No Shouts No Calls commences like a gloomy love story carried by undeniably, endearing guitar riffs. Together with Verity Susman’s vocals are enough to get your heart beating during “To the East”. Proceeding is “After the Call” – a reflective number which sharply snaps into a controlled turbulence. It definitely picks up its stride at “Between the Sea and the Dog” and with elements of prog rock; you kinda forget that its four girls behind those instruments until the luscious vocals of Susman and Mia Clarke come in. In “Saturday” the exchange between Susman’s and Clarke’s vocals becomes this wavering conscious so appropriate given Susman’s lyrics. The harmony invested between all four is a surreal yet beautiful and quite an astounding listen.

[MP3] Electrelane – To the East
[MP3] Electrelane – Saturday

No Shouts No Calls is out now from Too Pure Records.

  1. Jes said:

    Nice review!

    It’s offical, this record has taken over my mp3 player… I can’t seem to grow tired of it.

    Also: MACRO2MORO!

  2. nikki said:

    this has definitely been one of my favourite releases of this year.

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