Macro in Movement

Seeing the usually raucous Annandale bounce was a first. Seeing a line-up entirely of female rappers was also a first. Killer Queens and Catcall were the supports and suffice to say, nothing much happened. There was the occasional persuasion to interact with Killer Queens but I just felt a bit overwhelmed which I can once again I blame the Annandale sound system for. 130dB is our hearing threshold of pain and I’m certain it was 140dB that night. I was hoping that the intervals between acts would provide time for my ears to recover … painfully, it wasn’t to be.


Macromantics, is probably the finest rapper/poet to come out from Melbourne (and Australia for that matter). She delivers her lyrics with pace and conviction, in precise execution that bewildered my mind. From spoken word to her eminent tracks like “Scorch” and the recently released “Physical”, Macromantics proved that she is a force to be recognised with.



None of which is possible without her sidekick, DJ Amy – the Robin to every Batman. Their duet of sharp poetry was a light and rare moment that indeed was something notable. The crowd were ampped to see Macromantics close it out with “Apple Crumble” and it was only right that no one left disappointed.

Photos are here.

One more thing. To the thief that stole Gregory (Macro’s frog), for fucks sake return it!


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