Degrees In Landscape

I’ve been enjoying a three lovely releases lately, all of which divert the reality that is cluttered and busy and thus keeping me sane by doing so.

Time & Space

Photo: Maya Hayuk

Kurr (Etch’n’Sketch) by Icelandic group, Amiina makes you drift into another world, the same way Joanna Newsom does. The musical landscape they provide is serene and almost timeless, without being at all superfluous. Kurr is a weaving and dialogue of string arrangements, well-crafted into intricate pieces of music. Having toured with Sigur Ros as their string quartet, I’m glad that these girls are making a name for themselves.

[MP3] Amiina – Rugla
[MP3] Amiina – Seoul

The Cinematic Orchestra‘s Ma Fleur (Ninja Tune Records), down on paper looks like every architects’ band and on listen, it is too! Ma Fleur re-asserts your position within our world, at times it makes you feel rather insignificant due to the raw, emotional beauty attached to Ma Fleur. With elements of jazz in combination with Patrick Watson’s vocals, has heartache written all over it. This has got to be one of my favourite releases of the year.

[MP3] The Cinematic Orchestra – To Build a Home ft. Patrick Watson
[MP3] The Cinematic Orchestra – Child Song

Eluvium is Matthew Cooper’s project and Copia (Temporary Residence) is his latest release. Copia appears like a film score minus the visuals, although you can just imagine what the would be like. An hour in length, it may require some concentration as to how delicately Cooper has composed these elegant soundscapes. Classicist in feel, it makes your hair stand on its end, proving that music can kick-ass without words too!

[MP3] Eluvium – Amreik

The three are definitely remarkable music landscapes that are as atmospheric as a built space. It’s music that might send a shiver or two down your spine, or you could just be neutral and not be affected by it at all – I highly doubt the latter though. A little late but The National‘s, Boxer is also getting heaps of play on my cd player.

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