Lavender Diamond Broke My Heart

Example from Imagine Our Love

Illustration: Ron Rege Jr.

There’s nothing cold about Lavender Diamond‘s, Imagine Our Love (Matador). It’s like a spring day – you feel a brisk morning chill followed by the warmth of perpetual sunshine from the opening track “Oh No” til the end of the second track, “Garden Rose”. By “Open Your Heart” (track 3), Imagine Our Love signs, seals and delivers your affection – it’s folk-pop that isn’t restrictive. Becky Stark’s vocals are whispily carried through the entire album – its quite lovely. Folk music brings with it emotion and as clichéd as it is, Imagine Our Love is about, well … um, love – the absence, the pain, the unexpected and the cherished; and sure enough by the end of “When You Wake For Certain”, you feel empathy for the character behind the song whom Stark asks, “Will you still be hurting?” Imagine Our Love (for me) is a reflective album, definitely one I can listen to while watching the clouds pass by. It leaves you searching but not empty.

Imagine Our Love also comes with some really cool graphics within the sleeve, all brought to you by Lavender Diamond’s drummer, Ron Rege Jr. – that gets more brownie points from me. Above is a sample from the album’s sleeve.

From Imagine Our Love:
[MP3] Lavender Diamond – Open Your Heart [Potential song of the year]
[MP3] Lavender Diamond – Find A Way

Is it the weather or something but there’s just something in the air I can’t seem to shrug off. Maybe its catching up with some good friends who I’ve unintentionally ignored due to work. Or even some new people I’ve met. Or maybe the fact that I have time … and space. Whatever it/who it may be, it’s comforting.

  1. lucky said:

    have you heard jay, myf and the doctor lay into these guys about the writing on the inside of the cd sleeve?

  2. RO said:

    nope – i don’t listen to jjj. but do tell me the criticism they laid. i’ll let them vent theirs before i do mine.

  3. Grace said:

    Ha, JJJ.

    Open Your Heart popped up on my recently and ’tis wonderful. And Matador is great!

  4. lucky said:

    nah, i only listen to it on my drive into work in the morning (all 7 minutes of it)…

    basically they had a little giggle at the schpiel that was written on the sleeve. when they read it out, i kinda thought it was a bit wanky too. i can’t exactly remember what they said, it wasn’t too derogatory, just a few comments.

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