No Rest for a Fortnight

I was waiting the whole day for this … when the sun was just right. The setting sun, particularly an autumn-winter sun, emits a warm hue that makes it rather hard not to take advantage of.

There was something absent in my life yesterday. Yesterday was essentially my first day back at uni and my first day as an urban islander and boy, was it an extremely long day. A day which went something like this:

0550 Wake up; have a shower; and eat breakfast.
0730 Travel to Sydney Uni.
0845 Wander around.
1000 Urban Island introduction and briefing on an assignment.
1055 Talk from Harbour Trust dude.
1200 Studio time for our assignment.
1330 Shop Induction (woodwork, metalwork, etc.)
1700 International tutors talk.
1800 Drinks.
1830 Symposium.
2100 Depart Sydney Uni
2130 Have Lunch.
2200 Start assignment due today.
2350 Procrastinate.
0030 Get back to assignment.
0200 Eat dinner.
0400 Finish assignment and finally checks email.
0410 SLEEP.
0550 Wake up.

It was only day one and I was already exhausted but I figured out what was missing and it was music. During the course of that day, I forgot about music and thus, probably made me a little uneasy and anxious too. That was quickly fixed today with a dose of The Radio Dept., Acid House Kings and Electrelane. Things were looking brighter today with a site visit to Cockatoo Island which was a lot less stressful than yesterday and here are some photos from today.

If this space looks familiar, this was where the main stage was during the Cockatoo Island Festival two years ago.

Guess what the metal things are and their purpose and you might just win something.

And a public service announcement I found on one of the walls on the island.

It’s nice to see a well-designed, Australian poster still standing. Mind you, had I saw it earlier today it might’ve stopped me getting a splinter during a movement exercise. We went through some body movement exercises today too and let’s just say there’s more to touching than one thinks.

Life couldn’t be any better at the moment. I just got my first 4-digit pay check; Urban Islands, now, looks very promising since I have an awesome tutor; Blonde Redhead is one week away and; there’s someone quite remarkable in my life – it’s a very, very beautiful thing.

  1. Cate said:


    Good luck with this semester… I’m personally dreading the lack of sleep I’m gonna have for the next few months, so I have no idea how you’re feeling.


  2. jes said:

    I’m posting… not lurking…

    The light in your first shot is amazing.

    I hope you’re warm and sleeping sound – Dr Strangeluv/I Believe in You on repeat on le mac ox

    p.s. ballet teaching interview tomorrow!!!

  3. Eep, getting up at 5am? I’d die. Ace photos by the way.

  4. RO said:

    A morning person … what else can say? The only shitty thing about it is waiting in freezing conditions for a bus – I thought my fingers had hypothermia yesterday morning.

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