Butterflies and Maybe Some Misery

It’s been insanely busy in my neck of the woods of late. So much is happening on my little plate that I am now taking each day as it comes.

Last Tuesday night was Blonde Redhead and it felt somewhat like a music liberation process. Not because of Blonde Redhead but it just felt like that was the first time I saw live music and seeing friends was comforting amid a fortnight of Urban Islands.

Blonde Redhead

Blonde Redhead seemed to enter unnoticed, yet their humble and subdued presence is in contrast to the energy invested in their show, most of which surpassed me as I wasn’t feeling so well.

Blonde Redhead

Blonde Redhead

Opening their set with 23 favourites like “Dr. Strangeluv”, “23” and “Spring and By Summer Fall” alluded to the potential of what was going to be a killer show. I guess they attempted a lot but kind of still left me waiting.

More Photos.

I met one of The Redsunband’s flatmates and it seems as though they have now adopted the I’m-a-rock-star ego. They always give me attitude.

I’m feeling rather exhausted at the moment, so I apologise for a very half-arsed review.

Blonde Redhead also looked very, very tired, so that might’ve also contributed to their performance.

  1. nikki said:

    I wish they would have included Brisbane in their tour dates.

  2. I heard that that show wasn’t as exciting. Good, but it didn’t have that energetic vibe because of their songs.

  3. RO said:

    Did you hear that from your sister? Because she told me she loved it.

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