Where Bats Come to Play

I’m still here … busy as ever though. I’m in between spontaneous drinking sessions, intense design studios, stuffing up prints in the darkroom, watching black & white films (thanks Nikki), and eating at ridiculous times of day, e.g. dinner at 1am, and … making time to listen to some music.

Bat For Lashes

Photo: Rachel Cassells

UK’s, Natasha Khan better known as, Bat For Lashes, has just released her debut, Fur And Gold. Khan’s vocals are light, sexual and ghostly, tied beautifully with ephemeral arrangements all of which are composed by Kahn. Her grain is borderline between Bjork and Beth Gibbons (from Portishead) – it is something quite mesmerising. “What’s a Girl to Do?” sets the precedent for the rest of Fur And Gold and blimey! It’s good … real good. So good, that it’s been nominated for this year’s Mercury Music Prize. “Horse and I” with its harpsichord rhythm, is also another great track. I guess it’d be fitting that Bat For Lashes could be seen as part of the freak-folk genre, as it’s not that difficult to see parallels between Kahn and Devendra Banhart, or CocoRosie, or Joanna Newsom for that matter.

[MP3] Bat For Lashes – What’s A Girl To Do?

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  1. nikki said:

    I hope you are enjoying my suggestions. You will have to see Control (the biopic on Ian Curtis) when it is released – I just saw it at the Brisbane International Film Festival. It’s a feature debut by photographer Anton Corbijn, and it has amazing black and white cinematography. Also I don’t know if I mentioned Chris Marker’s La Jetée – but you should look into that too.

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