Excited Over Gossip

Ooohh yeah…The Gossip will be returning! I’m excited because (a) Ms. Ditto and I had a long chat about Madonna, Jacko and Pretty Girls Make Graves (RIP) during the 2006 Laneway Festival. Where I also slipped in, “I hope you come back soon” and she replied with, “We’ll be back, I promise! And you can design my house.” So its awesome she’s keeping her word, not sure how I’ll go with the house though. (b) Hannah gave me her drumsticks after that set in the basement. And (c) Standing in the Way of Control is still one of my favorite albums.

I still remember their set like it was yesterday – hearing that aggressive, bluesy sound from Brace’s angular riffs, supported by a solid beat and fronted by a voice so powerful, that the basement was at least 10 degrees hotter inside than out. This lady was strong and moving, and all together, it was just insane.

Here’s a track from Movement, one of their older albums but still a very good release.
[MP3] The Gossip – Fire Sign

The Gossip are the jam!

Stayed tuned for sideshow dates and maybe some older tracks, which you may/may not have come across yet.

  1. Oz said:

    I don’t think I saw them at Laneway but I did see them perform on the Popfrenzy Boat Cruise and they were pretty great. Sadly I won’t be able to see them though at least I know what I’ll be missing.

  2. RO said:

    Don’t worry Oz, I’ll cover as many gossip sets for ya!

  3. Oz said:

    I just discovered that the Gossip will be playing in NYC when I’m there so I don’t have to miss out

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