Some EPs

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now – it’s been in the drafts folder since March – and it was only when my iTunes shuffled it’s way to the 2:42 long track, “Draw a Map” by New York quintet, Takka Takka, that reminded my failing memory. I do remember that at the time we [architecture students] we’re in a process of mapping and that this track was meant to be in some mixtape. Anyway…Takka Takka feels British by ear, but are definitely American at heart. I can hear elements of pop that parallel to Field Music‘s sound – light, bouncy and at times, a bit rough around the edges. Maybe that’s why they’ve toured with Architecture in Helsinki.

From Talk Faster EP:
[MP3] Takka Takka – Draw A Map

If you like what you hear, download the whole EP, Talk Faster, complete with cover art!

Also another band who are letting you download an EP of theirs is The Foundry Field Recordings, who might be a southern band but their music is quite the contrary. They create pop music that is well composed and perfect for the weekend. Its almost like finding a hidden cassette or a 12″ in a cavity of your house, then dusting it off and listening to it as though you’re in another era – it is shimmery pop indeed!

From Fallout Stations EP:
[MP3] The Foundry Field Recordings – Transistor Kids

They’ve got their whole EP, Fathers as Robots available for download.


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