Where's the Exit Sign?

I hate driving through the city, particularly at night – it’s dreadful. I have to compete with pimped up cars, a continuum visual of women puking up in gutters, shitty music that’s being forced through the window of your car by a stupid club, when you’re at a red light and, the lack of proper signage in carparks and on the road. Instead of taking 5 minutes (including traffic and the red lights) to get out, one wrong turn and you find yourself, 15 minutes still trying to find your way out. Twice now this has happened. The first wasn’t any better, I was in the wrong lane and ended up on the fricken bridge. I had to circle North Sydney to get back onto the bridge again to get home. The state of our roads is horrendous. I mean, sure, the planning of our roads isn’t entirely Craig Knowles fault nor will he fix it over night but f— at least put up some proper, fricken signage.

Now that is out of the way, I had time today to scan in a few more stills and sorts.

Patrick Wolf at the basement. My scanner doesn’t do negatives justice. 😦

Patrick Wolf

One of my first prints I’m actually happy with from the darkroom. The moon is even in it!


A detail shot of a tree trunk that had been struck by lightning, from camp.


And finally one from the archives, Teenagers in Tokyo at this year’s, Essential Festival. The guys at the mini lab got confused with the negative and printed the next photo onto this one. I like it though.


Also if you haven’t gotten around to downloading the infamous Swedish pop label, Labrador‘s Summer Sampler, you can download the massive 68-track sampler here. But if you can’t be bothered, or have the capacity to, here’s a few I pulled from the awesome sampler.

[MP3] Acid House Kings – Sunday Morning
[MP3] Tribeca – Solitude
[MP3] The Radio Dept. – Pulling Our Weight
[MP3] The Legends – Play It For Today

Its a pretty good accompaniment to the weather we are having lately – spring is definitely in the air. It’d also go well with a beer in a hammock too…jeez, I am such a sloth.

  1. James said:

    Nah there is no sloth about it. Spring is here because I’ve just spent the entire afternoon in a fantastic sunny beer garden with close friends and I couldn’t be happier!

  2. matt said:

    hey the top photo reminds me of anton corbijn’s joy division pics. nice!

  3. RO said:

    coming from yourself matt, that is very flattering. thank you!

    and james, i think that’s what my house is missing…a beer garden! the hammock would fit so well.

  4. Elaine said:

    There’s art in accidents =].. Loving that last photo of Teenagers in Tokyo.

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