In the Country with Ned (& More)

The first time I saw Rand & Holland, I couldn’t help but notice the man on keys as if I had seen him before. And sure enough it was Ned Collette helping out Rand & Holland on keys. I must’ve been the only one in the room to recognise him. So in a way, any release from Collette is always a welcomed one.

[To] “the Country with a Smile” is Ned Collette’s newest single and with the trip up to Walcha, this track couldn’t be more apt. A lack of technology is at times a really wonderful thing. You notice people, their feelings and their thoughts in a manner which seems rather devoid of in the city – even the man holding the “Free Hugs” sign is constantly brushed off in the city. Observing people and their behaviors towards other people and spaces frustrates me at times. Hopefully this track will do the opposite.

[MP3] Ned Collette – The Country with a Smile

His latest album, Future Suture, will be out in September.

Today has been another crazy Tuesday (technically its already Wednesday, but its still dark). I have found another amazing, roof beer garden – a little pricey on the beer but darn, its a very nice watering hole. Catching up with a good friend of mine at this roof top could not be any more sweeter than receiving a pair of Lego salt & pepper shakers (below).

They’re awesome and would definitely be one the best presents by far.

While we were up there drinking, eating and soaking in the sun, there were helicopters circling every 5 minutes making conversation rather loud. Then in photo studio today, our lecturer went through a brief run-down on portraiture. With almost every exhibition she mentioned I pretty much attended, making me the very, odd one out. But I feel cultured none the less.

So I’m going to try live blogging tomorrow with this process called design. Here’s what the past two hours looked like.



That’s my own tool bag and my drawings are tiny, but then again Jorn Utzon (the Opera house architect) drew tiny as well – bless him.

I think its time for a nap.

  1. Angus said:

    As a Lego enthusiast, those shakers are the greatest things I’ve ever seen!

  2. lucky said:

    wow, do the lego shakers come with detachable hairpieces?? if you could get them, it’d be awesome to customise them a little. 🙂

  3. RO said:

    I wish! Because that would be pretty cool.
    They look as though they can attach to a body of sorts too, but they’re probably the cutlery holders. Gonna hunt them down.

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