Industrial Music Venues

It’s where we hang. You know, that renovated basement underneath Central Station Records on Oxford St. Yup! Welcome the Oxford Art Factory to the list of Sydney’s music scene and it’s a pretty swanky nook as well.

Pivot @ Oxford Art Factory

On a very wet Friday night, I made it out to the Art Factory to see post-rockers, Pivot. With no expectations other than these words, “Pivot. Are. Amaaazing” – I was there on pure recommendation and at no point was it disappointing. Pivot with their experimental math rock are really something.

Pivot @ Oxford Art Factory

Seeing them reminded me of two things. The first being how comparable they are to Melbourne trio, My Disco; and secondly, the shared style with Explosions in the Sky – an eerie resonance that is rich in narrative and in sound. They may be a bit more electronic but there is nothing superfluous about it. Qua was therefore an appropriate support, filling our ears with looped, pop beats.

That night was also the opening to Ben Frost‘s installation at the Art Factory – he was still spraying when I walked in.

There are more photos, I have just been extremely lazy lately.

I guess with every venue opening there is always one closing down, and I know this is very belated but I must goodbye to The Pitz – the Marrickville warehouse that had some pretty awesome gigs/parties every week but are no longer operating due to the men in blue. Sad to see ya go.

  1. Karen said:

    I haven’t seen Pivot, even though I’ve wanted to for a little while, but I HAVE seen the drummer play in Jack Ladder’s band and he really is amazing.

  2. Wayne said:

    I look forward to trying this new venue. And I have seen Pivot before and they are truly wonderful.

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