Before Midnight

As I wriggle out of bed with a minor headache, I find it rather excruciating writing a review for last night’s Midnight Juggernauts show at the Roundhouse. Knowing their capabilities, last night’s set was clearly not a display of it.

Midnight Juggernauts @ the Roundhouse

Most of which due to a number of factors with a) crowd, b) the early set time, c) the fact that it was a university party, d) the venue or e) all of the above.

Midnight Juggernauts @ the Roundhouse

This was my first gig at the Roundhouse, and it was rather disappointing as a venue. It was all a hit & miss affair but everyone knew the action was always near the bar. Starting their set at 10pm was also quite odd; a Midnight Juggernauts’ set starts at 11pm – fact. And the crowd was everything I pictured and worse – jocks, glow sticks, etc. etc. But I did meet some very nice people out of it – Jasmine, Christine (who was kind enough to let me shoot), Kate and Sam.

More photos.

And for the record, it finished at 11pm which was too early for my liking, so I kicked on.

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