So That’s Where All My Money Is Going

I’m still here … literally stuck between pieces of cardboard and balsa, and thankfully no essays to kill my already stressed mind. With the end of the semester so near, I’m fearing:

  • Final design proposals.
  • Finding a “serious” job.
  • Graduation.
  • The future.

Our faculty has decided to conveniently phase out our 5 ½ years of Bach. of Architecture into 3 years of Bach. of Architectural Studies and 2 years of Masters of Architecture. You’d think it make our lives simpler, but no. I’m confused and freaked out at the prospect that I might just be graduating next year.

To combat that fear/reality has been some news of very-promising tours heading our way.

The Architecture in Helsinki remixers are here for a brief stop over.

Dec 11 The Zoo Brisbane
Dec 13 Oxford Arts Factory Sydney
Dec 16 Northcote Social Club Melbourne

Atari-lovin’ kids have announced their tour in support of their show at Meredith.

Dec 15 Oxford Art Factory Sydney
Dec 20 Pogo Melbourne
Dec 21 Lick It, Empire Hotel Brisbane
Dec 22 Click Click Melbourne

The Night-Ripper has also announced his set of shows early next year in support of his appearance at Falls, Field Day and Southbound Festivals.

Jan 3 The Troubadour Brisbane
Jan 10 Oxford Arts Factory Sydney
Jan 11 Miss Libertine Melbourne

These Brazilians will be here too, around the same time as Girl Talk.
Dates to TBC.

The face of Burberry is back due to popular demand, with a full band in tow.

Nov 8 Metro Theatre Sydney
Nov 9 Rosies On Edward Brisbane, +18
Nov 10 Rosies On Edward Brisbane, all ages
Nov 11 Corner Hotel Melbourne

NME cover girl and her band will be back too in early December.

Dec 11 Metro Theatre Sydney
Dec 12 The Zoo Brisbane
Dec 13 Capitol Theatre Perth
Dec 16 The Prince Melbourne

And music royalty will make her presence known in January for the Sydney Festival and BDO.

Jan 23 Opera House Forecourt Sydney

Now for something completely different – letters from my drafts.

Dear Karen,

Thank you for informing me about finding the perfect shoulder bag. I feel very touched that it was addressed to me too. I’m sure to find you at the next gig and see this marvelous bag you speak of.

Much love,

Dear Handsome Tours,

Please announce a Sydney sideshow for the Go! Team. I am too poor to buy tickets to all these festivals they are appearing at and it would make my day/summer if they played just one small show in Sydney.


Dear Feist,

I patiently wait for your lovely presence here in the course of 2008.

Much love,

Dear Ro’s Facebook friends,

I don’t want to be a f**king pirate, zombie or vampire. Requests of this kind will be rejected immediately.

Love always,

Dear Motivation,

Where have you gone?


  1. Oz said:

    I hate it when universities decide to change things in the middle of your degree. Sydney Uni did it as well by standardising unit of study credit points which meant I had to do more subjects.

    I’m with you on annoying requests on Facebook.

    I want Bjork tickets but I’m also intrigued as to who will be playing at the festival bar at Hyde Park Barracks.

  2. RO said:

    Yeah I will probably have to do a few subjects during the break because of it. 😦

    Who ever is playing the spiegeltent and the barracks will surely not disappoint. Seriously, the Sydney Festival is probably one the best festivals around.

  3. Karen said:

    Ro, I’m sure my bag and I will bump into you at a gig in the not too distant future.

    I am super excited about the Sydney Festival announcement this year, because I can feel it in my bones that there is going to be something AMAZING. I had that feeling before Meredith this year as well though. So perhaps my bones can’t be trusted.

    P.S. I am now part of the Facebook machine too. And I find it mildly disturbing, too. I haven’t been asked to be a vampire yet though?!?!

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