As Night Falls With Jens

Photo: Kristin Lidell

Swedish crooner, Jens Lekman, is, well … a romantic. With every album he has ever released, I find myself smiling uncontrollably. And it’s no different once, Lekman’s latest release, Night Falls Over Kortedala, wraps up with “Friday Night at the Drive-In Bingo”. Lekman’s lyrics – witty and light-hearted in nature – are aided by the clever use of buoyant arrangements. At times, it feels like the The Temptations are his backing crew and by no means is this, a bad thing. He makes complex relationships and situations seem simple and harmless when the stories themselves are intricate.

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t love you enough. I’m so sorry, but I am leaving you because I don’t love you.”

Hearing Lekman’s honesty coupled with the most joyous melodies is endearing, you really wouldn’t care if he’s dumping your ass. Night Falls Over Kortedala will get you reminiscing about particular moments in your life.

[MP3] Jens Lekman – Into Eternity


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