Kaki, Tegan and Sara

Twins are peculiar creatures. They are unconsciously synced in two separate entities and it’s no different with Canadian duo, Tegan and Sara. As Tegan Quin put it, “we’re practically married. So if you were dating the either of us, you’d get both” and it’s understandable why.

T&S @ the Enmore

Sporting the same shoes, Tegan and Sara entered a sold-out Enmore theatre last Thursday night to an eager and rapturous applause. With a brief greeting, the Quin twins (backed by a solid band) open their set with “Dark Come Soon” – a short, up-tempo track, which was followed by title track, “The Con” to the delight of many punters. Their set was composed of mainly tracks off their two latest releases, So Jealous (2004) and The Con (2007), with the occasional track from one of many earlier releases, If It Was You (2002), such as “Monday, Monday, Monday” which featured none other than special guest, Kaki King.

T&S @ the Enmore

T&S @ the Enmore

T&S @ the Enmore

For three consecutive songs (including the aforementioned), Kaki graced us twice during the course of that evening. The first filling the support slot, kicking things off really quickly and quietly. Kaki also featured on “Floorplan” and “Knife Going In”. Technical abilities aside, there are obvious musical connections between Kaki, Tegan and Sara as though they were family. Ironic as it is, Sara points out that Kaki looks like their mother minus glasses. Together with their music, Tegan and Sara are highly entertaining in their banter between songs, most of which evolved around their mom and experiences with Australia.

Nearing a two-hour set, the girls close it out “Call It Off” – a sombre and lighter tune. As requested (and predicted), Tegan and Sara re-emerge for an encore of hit tracks from So Jealous including the imfamous, “Walking With A Ghost” and “I Know I Know I Know”. With a cover of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” incorporated into the encore, the girls had sealed what could’ve been a predictable and average show, into one fun evening.

More photos.

  1. Cate said:

    Good show, horrific show. We ended up getting there a tad late, and therefore had to deal with crowds of people having loud, long conversations while the twins were performing…

  2. RO said:

    Yeah that bugged me too – I think it was mainly in the GA section.

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