Trumped at Tropfest

There is something quite ideal about watching movies under the stars and bats at the Domain, since last night was Tropfest – the infamous short film festival.

The 16 short films shown where mostly light, humorous portrayals of issues dealing with health disorders to suburban romances, to fishing and all had to incorporate the number 8 within their film.

My standouts included:

  • Scab – a Japanese entry about a large, flaky scab plaguing the mind of a young boy – both hilarious and kinda gross.
  • Smitten – another twist on contemporary relationships … who’d see it coming?!
  • The Code – a hilarious spin on exam cheating.

The winner, Marry Me, was also a delightful entry on 10 year-old kids courting in the 70’s. The cinematography in this was very beautiful with sun-kissed screens and light colours producing a suburban nostalgia most could relate to.

Complete with cardboard seats, drinks, food, (the occasional) sun shower, and friends it was a great way to end another week.

Tropfest 08

N.B. The films have ads before them, so you just have to sit through them.


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