Not Cool …

Going back to uni as a postgrad student so expectations are high and plenty. I have (what I wished was a pile of new music) is a pile of readings to get through, mainly about Le Corbusier, art nouveau and Alvaro Siza.

I’m back in the darkroom for another semester – woohoo! But the cost of all the film and paper is NOT COOL. Our class has officially bought every single packet of colour paper in Sydney and I’m not talking about the colour paper for your lame-ass inkjet printer.

Joanna Newsom remixed – LAME.
[MP3] Joanna Newsom – The Book of Right On (Pocketknife’s Scowling Owl Remix)

Being told very disturbing sex stories about some friends. I know we all have them but this changes everything.

My camera displaying the ERR 99 message when I shoot above f5.6. I think there might be an issue with my lens.

To the obnoxious and loud woman at the front during CocoRosie pissing me and the crowd off (and most likely CocoRosie too)…SHUT YOUR MOUTH.

The Laneway Festival wasn’t as great as I’d hoped. Only the sight of Broken Social Scene, Stars and Feist together on stage redeemed that day.

Getting sick – lots of coughing, mucus and icky syrups.

And this…

An album promotion from Crystal Castles.

Warning: Some of you may find this disturbing.


  1. jellie said:

    Poor you and your wallet… concerning photopaper I mean. Speaking of which, Viva La Polaroid. I never got in the craze, but it makes me sad and your post made me sad. 😦

    ANYway. Better get your lense checked out.

    Agree about the Laneway festival. Letdown this year for some reason. Going Semi Permanent?

    That Newsom remix sounds retarded.

    That promo vid had me laughing tears… then I realised … Holy shit that’s terrible!! Was that a bum? Did he/she/it live?!

    Don’t remember if I msged Lou that I wasn’t going to her party… vaguely I remember typing it out, don’t remember sending it.. Shit. Gotta see you to give you her pressie. Gotta get a pressie first. Shit.

  2. Elaine said:

    Whoops, Jellie is me. ME!

  3. Elaine said:

    Gee thanks for the optimistic comment. I’ll be sure to return the favor.

  4. Pam said:

    Yay Art Nouveau! Boo to uni and being sucked dry by our respective photography courses.

    I’m sad that I already have a remix of a Joanna Newsom song somewhere … I never listen to it but I’ve also never deleted it from iTunes.

    Lastly, that video is AWFUL! I can’t believe they want to have their name on that, joke or otherwise.

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