Some Gigs, Some Days

I’ve been really busy of late, hence the lack of posts but here’s a small catch up …

(Just click on the images)

Die! Die! Die! and Girl Talk galleries are (finally) up.

Die! Die! Die! @ OAF

 Girl Talk @ Becks Festival Bar

I managed to see Yves Klein Blue last Friday night.

Yves Klein Blue @ Spectrum

And the most recent gallery is of The Raveonettes at the Oxford Art Factory.

The Raveonettes @ OAF

A review of this gig is on the way.

  1. Maria said:

    Ro! You were at Die Die Die last night and I didn’t even see you? How is that possible! All the bloggers met up and it was one big cyber party minus you.

  2. Maria said:

    I just realised he’s wearing a different shirt so you mustn’t have been there last night. Haha, nevermind.

  3. RO said:


    Its the uni work thats keeping me in these days.

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