Aminal Sounds

So the Spod man is back, complete with a new 7″ limited edition record named Aminal – for real! Aminal is a brief look into the new stylings of Spod for a future, full-length record. Have a listen to this feline number.

From Aminals, “Cats”.

Details of Spod’s upcoming tour is on the left.


Also on future releases, Pop Levi is currently in the studio working on Never Never Love, the follow-up to The Return to Form Black Magick Party.

Pop Levi

Here is a teaser.
[MP3] Pop Levi – Dita Dimone (Pink Enemy Remix)


The next biggest thing after M.I.A. and sliced bread is Brooklyn-based musician, Santogold who has been a regular fixture in my cd player of late. Simply self-titled, her debut album is as fresh as toffee apple salad – you’re still getting you’re vitamins, but you’re also well on your way to becoming a diabetic. With word of an Australian tour (thanks Sean), I’m excited because she’s gold.

From Santogold (Downtown/Inertia):
[MP3] Santogold – Say Aha

There should also be other Santogold mp3s floating around my blog, if you can be bothered finding them.


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