One Too Many

Just a little update of where things are at.

I’ve been out and about every weekend seeing more local bands with the exception of Spanish musician, El Guincho at the Supper Club who was every bit energetic and full-bodied as on Alegranza.

El Guincho @ the Supper Club

The only let down was the lack-lustre crowd. I’m not sure if it was the venue or lack of alcohol that produced such a quiet crowd for music with such world-infused beats.

On the local front, I’ve managed to see Melbourne-based groups, Kes Band and Love of Diagrams.

Kes Band @ the Hopetoun

Kes Band played a launch at the Hopetoun Hotel for his recent, self-titled release. Kes band have this chemistry on stage thats so joyous to watch, particularly during “A Gentle Elf” when Kes conducts his band to sustain a note longer than on record, catching them (and us) off guard.

The latter of the Melbourne bands, Love of Diagrams, played a brief set at the Spectrum last Saturday evening.

Love of Diagrams @ Spectrum

Love of Diagrams @ Spectrum

With their set composed mainly of new material, Love of Diagrams are very tight on stage with little fault for error. Their bass-heavy, angular sounds surely drifted to the depts of Oxford street.

The night before that, at Spectrum, was a small showcase of some up-and-coming groups and one band on the bill was Chain Gang.

Chain Gang @ Spectrum

As friends of mine, the next few words are without bias. From the start they strike with such force its hard to miss them. Their loud and raw sounds are intense particularly in “Cut Here”. Blink and you might just them. More photos.

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