June: Wrapped-up

I need a day or two to re-adjust myself now that the semester is over but in the meantime here’s what I’ve been really up to.

I got to shoot !!! (Chk Chk Chk) at the Metro at the start of June and were near impossible to shoot since they are so energetic. Sydney groups, Teenagersintokyo and Lost Valentinos, filled the support slots giving me another case of deja-vu.

!!! @ the Metro

The lovely Kimya Dawson visited Australia for the first time with her family in tow and her set at the Factory theatre was oh so quiet. I’ve never felt so intimidated shooting a musician before. Perhaps I was in awe.

Kimya Dawson @ the Factory

She is very lovely though.

My friends behind Seventeen Plus Records had a little showcase at Cosmo’s Rock Lounge in Marrickville with Chain Gang as the headliners. It was all fun and games until the police turned up.

Seventeen Plus Showcase

Seventeen Plus Showcase

June was wrapped up with another set from Yves Klein Blue.

YKB @ Spectrum

YKB @ Spectrum

I’m still out and about as per usual. And there are a whole lot of album reviews, photos and news on the way.


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