It's Easy To Make It Bad

Lykke Li and El Perro Del Mar at The Bowery Ballroom

Photo: Bao Nguyen

Music hits hardest when it’s a complete reflection of your life, and for a friend of mine, she is finding Lykke Li’s Youth Novels too close to home. It was my recommendation for her to stop listening to Youth Novels to cure her heart but instead, it has had the opposite effect. I guess Lykke Li’s sugar-coated pop is quite addictive. Electropop tracks like “I’m Good, I’m Gone” and “Little Bit” are well contrasted with raw, soulful numbers like “Time Flies” and “Breaking It Up”. The more I think about it the more Lykke Li is similar to her fellow Swedish compadre, El Perro Del Mar and its no surprise that the two have just toured the US together. El Perro Del Mar’s From the Valley to the Stars, despite being concept-driven, is a soft and light listen or as Sarah describes it herself, her tracks ” … appear in character like a hymn or psalm but in a pop costume”. Unlike her self-titled debut, From the Valley isn’t as demanding, nor repetitious, as it closes it out with the sun kissing your cheeks.

From Youth Novels:
[MP3] Lykke Li – Little Bit

From From the Valley to the Stars (Rogue/Inertia):
[MP3] El Perro Del Mar – Glory To The World

  1. jilske said:

    haha the flutes are funny 🙂 how about jenny wilson? sugar-coated but less naive perhaps?

  2. RO said:

    Of course. I would’ve mentioned Jenny in the post but she hasn’t released anything new of late. I was also thinking of Frida Hyvonen.

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