Broken Bones with Abe Vigoda

Abe Vigoda

Photo: Dan Monick

With winter now in full swing, it makes getting out of bed that bit harder. Recently, I’ve set my alarm to Abe Vigoda … and its not some sort of extraterrestrial white noise thats intolerable. Abe Vigoda are a punk/noise rock band from the LA scene that is The Smell, and they’re a pretty great listen even when your wide awake. As their third full-length release, Skeleton will make you feel like a drunk friend is giving you an infinite Chinese burn with their assortment of frenzied riffs and disjointed melodies. Skeleton is a welcomed hit-and-blow to your face…or more appropriately, to your ears.

This shit is awesome, I promise.

From Skeleton (Post Present Medium):
[MP3] Abe Vigoga – Bear Face


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