On Holidays with Yves Klein Blue

Yves Klein Blue @ Spectrum

Two of Australia’s finest upcoming bands, Yves Klein Blue and The Holidays have joined forces for one massive pop tour. The Immaculate Confection tour might be just the thing to cure your sweet tooth.

Here are the dates:

Oct 3 Mona Vale Hotel Sydney, NSW
Oct 4 ANU Bar Canberra, ACT
Oct 9 Enigma Bar Adelaide, SA
Oct 10 Amplifier Bar Perth, WA
Oct 11 The Prince Of Wales Bunbury, WA
Oct 12 Norfolk Basement Fremantle, WA
Oct 16 Great Northern Hotel Byron, NSW
Oct 17 The Zoo Brisbane, QLD
Oct 18 Coolangatta Hotel Coolangatta, QLD
Oct 19 Sol Bar Coolum, Sunshine Coast, QLD
Oct 23 The Oxford Tavern Wollongong, NSW
Oct 24 Annandale Hotel Sydney, NSW
Oct 25 The Northern Star Newcastle, NSW
Oct 26 Oxford Arts Factory (UNDER 18’s) Sydney, NSW
Oct 29 The Karova Lounge Ballarat, VIC
Oct 30 National Hotel Geelong, VIC
Oct 31 East Brunswick Club Melbourne, VIC
Nov 1 East Brunswick Club Melbourne, VIC

Rock up early, and you might just even get a cupcake.

To celebrate, I have double passes to give away to any show of your choice from the tour dates above. All you have to do is leave a comment anywhere in this blog between now and October 5, and somehow include your favourite confectionery item in your comment. Easy, right?

Winners will be notified via email on October 6.

  1. Elaine said:

    Damn damn, they’re coming round to Sydney 3 times… I’m busy on the Mona Vale show, out of town on the Annandale show and under 18s shows suck. Oh woe is meeee… M&Ms. ROFL. Thanks for the heads up anyway dude.

  2. Duncan Lockard said:

    so excited for holidays at mona. i’ll definitely be grabbing my mars bars and heading down

  3. xoxliz said:

    I love the Holidays. They have very good looking girlfriends, so I imagine that they are doing something right. Or at least, they buy them lots of ice cream.
    I also love Yves Klein Blue, they have the tightest pants that I have ever seen. Also, I did wonder from time to time whether the bass player and drummer actually had faces hidden under their masses of hair. Maybe they’re just indulging in a sneaky bit of candy while they’re playing. I would, at least.
    Anyway, I guess that it’s suffice to say that I’m quite keen for the Immaculate Confection tour. Gosh, who wouldn’t be? Confection, mm.

  4. Lou said:

    The Holidays makes for exciting times. Was listening to them in the car today while i was eating a box of neenish tarts.

  5. Cate said:

    My favourite lollies are like the strawberries and cream but they’re racing cars and come in natural colours like blue and orange…

    … and yeah music rocks.

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