Wolf Parade For Second Announcement?


Girl Talk @ Beck’s Festival Bar

Either way Laneway Festival will be one massive party with Girl Talk (above), Architecture in Helsinki and El Guincho (below) – AWESOME!

El Guincho @ the Supper Club

No Age and Jay Reatard inclusion in the lineup is probably the best news I’ve heard in a while. Check out the full line-up over at Twelve Major Chords.

Excited or what?!

  1. Cara said:


    Maybe it is time to give it up Ro, I don’t think wolf parade are coming.

    Did I mention gods of fate that it is currently opposite day!

  2. RO said:

    NEVER! Maybe I will just take matters into my own hands.

  3. Oz said:

    I’m mainly excited about Stereolab but overall it’s a good lineup.

  4. Surely Wolf Parade will be announced in the 2nd announcement. St Jerome’s just seem to get it right every single year!

  5. RO said:

    *Fingers crossed*

    I’m hoping White Rabbits might make it out for Laneway too.

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