More Than Modern

The first minute into a set is a good indicator of how the rest of the set will go. The majority will start slow and end with a bang. Few start strong and leave disappointment. While the very few start strong and end strong. New Zealand’s, So So Modern, fall into the latter.

So So Modern @ Spectrum

So So Modern @ Spectrum

Not since Battles have I seen a band perform as tight from start to finish. Gracing the Spectrum stage to a small audience, the opening synth riff of “Keychain Dolphins” was enough to convince me that I needed to hang out later than usual on a Sunday night, and see exactly why this Kiwi quartet has been making waves in-and-around Europe of late. Beeping and bleeping through their set (mainly composed of tracks from their EP, Friendly Fires) there is a constant dialogue between all four. The three upfront – Grayson Gilmore, Aiden Leong and Mark Leong– are freakishly synchronised even in dance, while Daniel Nagels provides a vigorous and intense beat on the drums. “Clean Up Step Up” and “Vulture Kisses” were the standouts but provided a more receptive crowd, I’m sure So So Modern would well exceed any expectations.

So So Modern @ Spectrum

It also aggravated me that this band has not yet been snapped up by an Australian label. I mean who the fuck is Gabriella Cilmi?!

Some more photos are here.


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