No. Way. No Age with Jay Reatard!

Every year there seems to be a double bill we talk about until we grow old. In 2007 it was the special V Festival sideshow with Phoenix and the Rapture. This year it was all about the Arcade Fire and Spoon gig in January. In 2009 there is already one double bill lined up with this same prospect. No Age and Jay Reatard are playing two special shows while visiting Australia for the Laneway Festival. Here are the dates:

29 Jan Gaelic Club Sydney
30 Jan Corner Hotel Melbourne

No Age

Photo: Ed Templeton

No Age have been favourites of mine since their debut Weirdo Rippers. They are a duo of noisy energy encapsulated by two very distinct styles. Guitarist, Randy Randall, plays with a blues-influenced sensibility with one interviewer comparing Randall’s style homogenous to Chan Marshall’s style. Meanwhile, drummer Dean Spunt, approaches music with the most dense beats and together, their music is loud and raw. It is a mere reflection of the skate, underground and d.i.y culture No Age grew up with.

From Nouns:
[MP3] No Age – Teen Creeps

Tickets for both shows on sale November 28.

While we’re on it (and for those interested), Ed Templeton is a professional skateboarder and photographer. I caught a collaborative show early last year at the ACP with his wife (skater and photographer), Deanna Templeton. His work, Be Passers By (2007) is documentary in style and provided an insightful look into the many places and people he has encountered from skateboarding. Definitely one to look at for those interested in this subculture.


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