Brands in Music – An Emerging Trend

The following discussion was recently prompted by a friend, thus bringing to attention the emergence of new record labels as subsidiaries from major brands, which is rather intriguing. We have seen Mountain Dew (Green Label Sound), Starbucks (Hear Music), Bacardi (Bat Label) and many more establishing their own record labels in this already competitive music industry. Locally, Levi’s Levity Label has been making quite a commotion on our music scene with weekly parties and significant artist signings. Levity’s overnight prominence makes the life for local, smaller record labels that bit more difficult. These new record label types are in a way the bright lights so unavoidable that they throw us into disarray, yet these same lights allure us. With their approach stemming from their brand’s own business model, their strategy towards music is aggressive and questionable. Their purpose as a “record label” appears to be reduced to a marketing ploy for their own products. Perhaps the case in contrary and music for them is seen as an investment – serious contenders in contributing and introducing new talent to our ears. My hopes in their motives are seriously the latter because these labels provide another avenue for up-and-coming musicians for which there are many.

Matt & Kim

The following tracks are from Green Label Sound and Bat Label, respectively. Seriously give them a go.

[MP3] Matt & Kim – Daylight
[MP3] Chromeo – 100% (Nacho Lovers B-Live Pemberton Remix)

Please share your thoughts.

  1. MP AMO said:

    In an era where incomes from labels sources have disappeared, brand associations of all kinds are so important for sustaining artist careers. The really hard thing is getting it right.

  2. RO said:

    Agreed. As difficult as it is to foresee future circumstances, I only hope it does work out and you do get it right.

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