Review: MGMT @ the Hordern

Personally, shows at the Hordern have always been few. Reasons usually fall under the scale of the venue, i.e. its simply too large, thus the mass of people (usually underage and under the influence) was always something that never sat well with me. Another was the range of unappealing acts playing there. However, I thought it would be different with MGMT playing there. How assumptions can be cruel.

Brooklyn-based duo, MGMT, fronted a sold-out crowd last night (presumably the third of many sold-out shows while in Australia) and immediately proceeded with their set. Three songs in and I was feeling rather cynical about the full potential of the gig because it sounded so much like the record player. Earlier songs like “The Youth” and “4th Dimensional Transition” saw many opportunities for the band to exceed but nothing. Nothing. At. All. No new hooks, no hello, nothing! Their bigger tracks like “Electric Feel” and “Kids” saw many punters rush back in for a dance. With their set predominantly Oracular Spectacular, MGMT left me baffled since there was no encore and punters were leaving early on mass. The crowd’s reception was evidently luke-warm and with dialogue few in-between, it felt rather cold and impersonal. If you want to see MGMT live, I suggest you just play Oracular Spectacular on your record player or something.

Its left me rather speechless this morning … and not for good reasons too.

  1. mel said:

    i’ve heard from a few sources that this was a boring show.

  2. RO said:

    lets just say disappointment was riding high.

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