Guestlist: Kate Walton from Sidestage Zine

In a series of very special posts, I have invited some amazing pals to share their top ten albums of this year with you too. And without further delay here is Kate Walton who is the co-editor of a new online publication entitled, Sidestage. Check ’em out!

Here are the albums that made her year:

High PlacesAt Mt ZoomerMidnight Bloom
SantogoldSigur RosYouth Novels

  1. The Kills – Midnight Boom
    Undoubtedly my most-played record of the year. It was criticised by some as being too much of a pop-focused excursion from The Kills’ usual raw and bluesy stripped-back guitar rock, but just because it doesn’t sound like the lovechild of Animal Collective and of Montreal via the surrogate mother of Deerhoof, doesn’t mean it’s not a bloody good album.
  2. Lykke Li – Youth Novels
    Lykke Li’s charming debut is full of quirky details you only notice over the course of multiple listens. It’s like nothing I’ve ever heard before, mixing Caribbean rhythms, off-beat R&B sensibilities, and vocals that are alternately breathless and soaring. And judging by videos splashed all over the internet, Youth Novels translates even better in a live setting.
  3. Foals – Antidotes
    Math rock with feeling. Antidotes runs the gamut from echo-y, rainy-day music to some of the catchiest and most danceable tunes of the year.
  4. Santogold – S/T
    Completely deserving of the hype, Santogold sees our new favourite Brooklyn girl, Santi White, dipping her toes in everything from hip-hop to perfect-for-summer 80s throwbacks. It’s undeniable that Santogold will go down in history as one of the indie icons of 2008.
  5. Wolf Parade – At Mt. Zoomer
    Somehow I’d completely missed Apologies to the Queen Mary when it was released; I don’t know how, but I did. And boy, am I regretting that now. At Mt. Zoomer isn’t as immediately enjoyable as its predecessor, but it’s definitely a grower, and has remained a staple of mine throughout the year.
  6. Frightened Rabbit – The Midnight Organ Fight
    A devotional and sometimes almost too earnest album about life and its frustrations. It’s a record to lose yourself in, and a great one at that.
  7. Los Campesinos! – Hold on Now, Youngster…
    One of two records put out by the Welsh indie popsters this year (well, the second was described by the band as an “extended extended player”), Hold on Now, Youngster… could well end up being the poster album for zine-loving, vinyl-buying, internet-addicted kids of the late Noughties.
  8. High Places – S/T
    This came totally out of the blue for me. I downloaded it on a whim and have been singing its praises ever since. Island pop has never sounded so good.
  9. Cut Copy – In Ghost Colours
    Antipodean pride represent. My electronic/dance/whatever-you-call-it fallback of the year.
  10. Sigur Rós – Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust
    I wasn’t much of a Sigur Rós fan until this year. A casual one, sure, but not one who’d rave about them to anyone who’d listen. This record persuaded me that doing so would be a good idea.

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